An online platform that connects individuals or businesses seeking IT support

Big Idea

OurSupport is an online platform that connects individuals or businesses seeking IT support with local IT support professionals. The platform streamlines the connection between companies or users of technological devices in need of IT support and nearby IT experts, facilitating on-site assistance or at very minimum remote support from a local I.T support person that speaks the same language and same cultures. Currently, our platform serves large multinational companies, whereby OurSupport simplifies the traditional approach to seeking IT support individuals or companies by eliminating time-consuming processes and searches for local IT companies, negotiations of contracts, and discrepancies in payment terms and operating formats. OurSupport enables a unique simplified global agreement, allowing our clients to access IT support worldwide. The focus is on computer and technological device users, addressing the current challenge of global coverage for local support for businesses. OurSupport empowers businesses of all sizes and users to expand operations without worries about depending own technology, by ensuring fast remote or on-site IT assistance in the current era of remote work and technology dependence. Currently, OurSupport employees 16 staff members and has over 170 IT support technicians spread across Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and recently in Asia.


Bruno De Carvalho – Founder & CEO; Fabyan Oliveira – Global Sales Director; Cesar Pinheiro – Regional Sales; Filipa da Silva – Integration Director; Keith Stewart – Head of Operations; Matthew Stewart – Recruitment / onboarding.

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Pedro Quelhas