Disrupting the Digital Marketing with Non-Intrusive AI

Big Idea

Smartphones have not only changed the way we live our lives, but also the way business is made. An usual form of communication is through push notifications, a powerful marketing tool with conversion rates higher than e-mails and SMSs. However, notifications sent at the wrong time have very low chances of being opened, i.e., no matter how well-crafted the notification is and how attractive the sale is, the user will forget about it or will perceive it as spam! On the contrary, knowing when to engage leads to an increased user engagement, higher app retention and push reaction rates, and satisfied users, thus creating a positive brand perception. The secret is knowing WHEN to engage! Pluggable has a technological solution that, using AI and non-intrusive smartphone sensors, allows companies to engage with each individual smartphone user at the best time for each person (think of a mail man that only delivers you letters when you are at home)! For Pluggable, being non-intrusive is mandatory, with its solution guaranteeing that the users’ privacy is fully respected.

Activity Highlights

  • Bruno Fernandes won the IBM Award of Scientific Excellence in 2021
  • Pluggable was onde of the three winners of the programme Empreender@Braga
  • Pluggable was the Portuguese finalist of the eAwards 2022
  • Pluggable is part of the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub
  • Pluggable is one of the finalist of the Award UNICOS (by Shilling, Google and The Next Big Idea, to be known in February 2023)


Bruno Fernandes – Founder & CEO; Ana Campos – Founder & COO

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Helena Taveira