Disrupting the Digital Marketing with Non-Intrusive AI

Big Idea

Pluggable has a set of technological solutions that, using disruptive Artificial Intelligence models and multiple non-intrusive smartphone sensors, add a layer of intelligence to any mobile app, allowing companies to interact with each of their customers, individually, at the best time for each one. These solutions easily boost the RETENTION, REACTION, and ENGAGEMENT rates of any app. For Pluggable being non-intrusive is mandatory, with its solutions guaranteeing, in its entirety, the privacy of all users.

Activity Highlights

  • Portuguese Finalist of the eAwards 2022 and the UNICOS Awards
  • Winner of the Empreender@Braga Program
  • Is part of the SCBraga Innovation Hub
  • Is part Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub
  • Is part of the NVIDIA Inception Program


Bruno Fernandes – Founder & CEO; Ana Campos – Founder & COO

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Helena Taveira