Hotel post-booking price optimization

Big Idea

It is a known fact that hotel prices tend to fluctuate over the time, which leads to overpaying on hotel reservations by travelers and travel companies.

Pruvo allows both travelers ( and travel companies ( to benefit from those price fluctuations, by utilizing Pruvo’s sophisticated AI-Driven algorithms that automatically rebooks the exact same room for a lower price when the market price drops. Pruvo’s advanced A.I. technology is the X factor behind the amazing growth of the company by over 10X during the last year.

Activity Highlights

  • Won the Front Runners Travel Tech Competition for startups
  • Won the 2nd place in the 1st UNWTO Global Tourism startup competition


Itai Marcipar – CEO & Co-founder; Regev Brody – CTO & Co-founder; Doron Nadivi – CDO.

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Guilherme Fonseca