Internet of Things for Liquid Monitoring

Big Idea

WATGRID is a Portuguese company focused on the development of innovative technological solutions for digitalization of processes in liquid related industries. Based on IoT, WATGRID systems are composed of Visualization Platform, Computing Platform with an Artificial Intelligence Engine, and Hardware (monitoring sensors). Through WINEGRID brand, specific for the wine industry, the company has been leading the digital transformation of the sector by delivering proprietary and unique solutions to the market. Its patented state of the art technology enables a proactive and predictive approach to the winemaking process, and is already being used by some of the biggest wine producers around the world. The innovative character of the company is based on its extraordinary human capital, with a specialized team in areas such as Oenology, Electronic Engineering, Physical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Data Science, among others, which places WATGRID in a privileged position as an innovation and digitalization partner.

Activity Highlights

  • 2013 – BGI – WATGRID won the 4th edition MIT-ISCTE award on the Smart Cities Track;
  • 2014 – 33 entrepreneurs – WATGRID won the Vinocamp Lisboa 2014 contest;
  • 2018 – OIV – CNOIV Distinction Award in the Oenology category;
  • 2018 – SME Instrument Phase I – WATGRID recipient of funds from the European Comission.
  • 2019 – SME Instrument Phase II – WATGRID recipient of funds from the European Comission.
  • 2020 – Vinitech- Sifel –  Innovative Product Award for WINEGRID’s FMS (Fermentation Monitoring System)


Rogério Nogueira – CEO; Lúcia Bilro – CTO.

Portugal Ventures’ Investment Manager

Afonso Granate Fernandes