Portugal Ventures launches first exclusive Call for projects in Madeira

  • Targets projects in the pre-seed, seed and startup stages;
  • Exclusive to projects with activities located in the Autonomous Region of Madeira;
  • Investment of up to €200,000 per project;
  • Submission open until 14 March at portugalventures.pt

Porto, 14 February 2022 Portugal Ventures, a venture capital firm that is part of Portuguese promotional bank Grupo Banco Português de Fomento, is launching its first ever Call Madeira, aimed at promoting access to venture capital funding for innovative projects operating in Madeira that demonstrate the ability to maximise their development and global growth.

With the launch of this Call, exclusive to Madeira, Portugal Ventures aims to promote entrepreneurship in the Region, encouraging the creation and development of startups with global ambition in industries considered of interest for the development of entrepreneurship in Madeira.

These projects should boost the export capacity of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, positively promoting its external image while helping to position Portugal as a technologically advanced, globally competitive and attractive hub for international investors.

The investments made in this 1st edition will strengthen the business capabilities of companies operating in Madeira, with a view to developing and implementing their innovation, growth and internationalisation strategies.

For the launch of the 1st Edition of Call Madeira, Portugal Ventures is joining in on the celebrations of Startup Madeira’s 25th anniversary, with Rui Ferreira, CEO of Portugal Ventures, participating on the panel “Humanising the Digital World”.

For 25 years Startup Madeira has stimulated the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Autonomous Region of Madeira and helped generate qualified deal flow opportunities, resulting in the creation of new projects and businesses for the region. Startup Madeira is one of the longest standing partners of Portugal Ventures’ Ignition Network, since joining the network in 2012.

For Rui Ferreira, “Call Madeira is the result of several years of partnership and working closely with the drivers of this entrepreneurial ecosystem, in particular with Startup Madeira. It is with great determination that we launch the first Call exclusively for projects in this Region to help them grow in Madeira and expand to the world. We are confident that by financing these companies we are contributing to boosting Portugal’s image as a highly innovative, competitive and attractive hub for foreign investment, while helping to strengthen the regional and national economy.”

Call Madeira will invest in:

  • Incorporated companies or those to be incorporated, operating in the A.R.M.;
  • Innovative projects/companies in the pre-seed, seed and start-up stages;
  • Innovative projects considered strategic for the Region, in the follow sectors:
    • Digital & Technology (Cloud & IT, Enterprise & SaaS, Mobile, E-marketplaces, Travel & Leisure Tech)
    • Life Sciences (Therapies, MedTech, Diagnostics);
    • Engineering & Industry (Ocean Economy, Endogenous Resources, Energy, Agro-industry, Forest Industry, Nanotechnology and Materials).

More information about the eligibility conditions and Call Madeira is available here.

Portugal Ventures will hold a webinar on 23 February, at 3 p.m., to clarify doubts about Call Madeira, including those related to its investment strategy and submission process.

The session is open to all those who wish to attend and is free of charge, but registration is required.