Portugal Ventures forges partnership with ANA Aeroportos de Portugal, Cuatrecasas and Galp to create synergies and leverage innovation in its portfolio

Lisbon, 11 November 2022 – Portugal Ventures, a venture capital firm that is part of Portuguese promotional bank Grupo Banco Português de Fomento, is pleased to announce its partnership with ANA Aeroportos de Portugal, Cuatrecasas and Galp, the newest members of the Portugal Ventures Corporate Partners Network.

Portugal Ventures, through its Corporate Partners Network, aims to support and create synergies for the startups in its portfolio in testing their pilot projects, adapting their business model to the real market, and attracting potential marketing leads. For the companies that make up this network, it is an opportunity to leverage innovation in their structures, encourage research and development, improve processes, and explore and harness solutions to improve their products and/or services.

Thierry Ligonnière, CEO of ANA Aeroportos de Portugal, says that “partnerships are an essential part of ANA and VINCI Airports’ innovation strategy and we welcome the opportunity to join forces with Portugal Ventures in working together to find new solutions to tackle challenges in the aviation sector. We believe this partnership will accelerate our innovation strategy and allow us to develop new ideas for our global airport network”.

Nuno Sá de Carvalho, Managing Partner of Cuatrecasas, said “it is very gratifying to team up with a leading venture capital partner such as PV, which has played a key role in capitalising Portuguese businesses and strengthening our entrepreneurial ecosystem. As a partner law firm, we are committed, in particular, to training the CEOs of the companies PV invests in and their teams, helping them to develop their products and services in the best way possible, and boosting the expansion of their businesses and investment attractiveness. Cuatrecasas is closely linked to the Portuguese entrepreneurial ecosystem through the legal advice we provide to several national and international companies in venture capital transactions, but we also make a point of driving empowerment, as is the case of the partnership we have now established with Portugal Ventures, the agreement in place with Unicorn Factory Lisboa, and the launch seven years ago of the startup accelerator Cuatrecasas Acelera.”

“Innovation and entrepreneurship are essential for Galp to develop and offer new, more sustainable and affordable energy solutions to its customers” points out Georgios Papadimitriou, Chief Operating Officer of Renewable Energies and Innovation at Galp. “Expansion of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the collaborative approach reflected in this partnership show the path forward to overcome the technological challenges of the energy transition.”

Teresa Fiúza, Vice President of Portugal Ventures adds “it is an honour to announce our partnership with three companies that have contributed so much to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. By joining the Portugal Ventures’ Corporate Partners Network, ANA Aeroportos de Portugal, Cuatrecasas and Galp will open doors for our portfolio companies so they can continue to develop their products, their marketing leads, and design beneficial solutions in response to market needs, thus contributing to the transfer of know-how to our startups and Corporate Partners.”

About ANA Aeroportos de Portugal:

ANA manages 10 airports in mainland Portugal (Lisbon, Porto, Faro and Beja Civil Terminal), the Autonomous Region of the Azores (Ponta Delgada, Horta, Santa Maria and Flores) and the Autonomous Region of Madeira (Madeira and Porto Santo). Focused on innovation and efficiency, ANA strives to deliver its visitors a unique experience and the best service every day. In September 2013, ANA became part of VINCI Airports. VINCI Airports manages a vast worldwide network of airports, developing and operating 52 airports: 12 in France, 10 in Portugal, 3 in Cambodia, 1 in Chile, 3 in Japan, 6 in the Dominican Republic, 8 in Brazil, 1 in Costa Rica, 1 in Serbia, 2 in the United Kingdom, and 5 in the United States. With extensive expertise as a global integrator, VINCI Airports develops, finances, builds and operates airports, and leverages its investment capacity, international network and know-how in optimising the management of existing platforms, expansion projects, and building new airport infrastructure. Learn more about VINCI Airports.

About Cuatrecasas:

Cuatrecasas is an international law firm prominently established in Portugal, Spain, and Latin America, where it has offices in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, and in Portuguese-speaking Africa, particularly in Angola and Mozambique. With a multidisciplinary and diverse team of more than 1,700 lawyers of 26 nationalities, Cuatrecasas covers all areas of company law, applying knowledge and experience using a sectoral approach tailored to each type of business. It has 27 offices in 13 countries and collaborates with law firms in other countries to form teams that can meet the needs of every client and in every situation.

About Galp:

Galp is an energy company committed to developing efficient and sustainable solutions in its operations and in the integrated offers it delivers to its customers. It creates simple, flexible and competitive solutions to meet the energy or mobility needs of both large industries and small and medium enterprises, as well as the individual consumer. Galp’s offer includes various forms of energy – from electricity produced from renewable sources to natural gas and liquid fuels. As a producer, Galp extracts oil and natural gas from reservoirs deep below the ocean’s surface and is also one of the leading Iberian producers of solar power. It contributes to the economic development of the ten countries in which it operates and to the social progress of the communities that welcome it. Galp is leader in its sector in the world’s main sustainability indices and directly employs 6,360 people. More information available at www.galp.com