PV Awards recognize portfolio startups in 2023

Lisbon, 18 December 2023Portugal Ventures, a venture capital firm that is part of Portuguese promotional bank Grupo Banco Português de Fomento, relaunched its PV Awards initiative in 2022, aimed at recognising the startups in its portfolio that stood out in that year. In 2023 we continued the initiative by presenting a total of 11 awards, including a prize that holds special significance.

The PV Awards, relaunched in 2022 as part of Portugal Ventures’ 10th anniversary celebrations, is an initiative that is highly esteemed by our portfolio, with the awards being presented during the PV Founders Get Together event. This annual event, held in December, brings together the CEOs of portfolio companies and our team for a singular moment of celebration. The nominees were selected by Portugal Ventures’ business areas based on the evaluation criteria for each award. To determine the winners, Portugal Ventures enlisted the help of several people dedicated to promoting and strengthening the Portuguese entrepreneurial ecosystem:

  • António Grilo, Agência Nacional de Inovação
  • Luis Guerreiro, IAPMEI
  • Filipe Costa, AICEP
  • Carlos Abade, Turismo de Portugal
  • Manuel Caldeira Cabral, Startup Portugal
  • Conceição Zagalo, GRACE
  • Cristina Campos, Investor
  • Marcelo Lebre, Remote
  • Isabel Neves, Investor
  • Vanda Jesus, iCapital.

“Recognising the work carried out by the companies we back is extremely important, as it shows that we continue to believe in their businesses, and encourages the other portfolio startups to achieve their goals,” says Rui Ferreira, CEO of Portugal Ventures. He adds, “For the Portugal Ventures team, the PV Awards are also a way of thanking them for choosing us as an investment partner. One that is there for them in good times and bad, and wholeheartedly believes in their success. We are proud of the work carried out by the startups in our portfolio, which have overcome key challenges for their growth, and which will undoubtedly achieve their goals and continue efforts to take their businesses global.”

  • Digital Startup & Technology Award 2023: recognises the company in the Digital and Technology portfolio that has shown exceptional performance in critical areas for its development, such as penetration into international markets and potential access to international capital.

Nominees: Aptoide, Didimo, Leadzai, Mediaprobe, miio

Winner: Didimo

  • Startup Industry & Technology Award 2023: recognises the company in the Industry and Technology portfolio that, in the last year, has shown exceptional performance in the critical areas for its development.

Nominees: Addvolt, Eneida, Graphenest

Winner: AddVolt

  • Health Technology Startup Award 2023: recognises the company in the HealthTech portfolio that has stood out in the last year for its global market positioning and growth, taking into account its product, internal competences, progress towards the market, and ability to attract partners and investors.

Nominees: CellmAbs, C-mo Medical Solutions, PeekMed, TargTex

Winner: CellmAbs

  • Startup Tourism Award 2023: recognises the company in the Tourism portfolio that has distinguished itself in a strategic sector of our economy, contributing to the enhancement of the national offer and showing a high potential for expanding its business.

Nominees: Doinn, HiJiffy, Merytu, Oliófora, Wotels Hub

Winner: Merytu

  • Startup New Business Award 2023:  recognises the company in the New Business portfolio that has distinguished itself through pre-seed investment.

Nominees: Bam&Boo, FastCompChem, Nu-Rise, Plutos, Rubynanomed

Winner: Rubynanomed

  • Exit Award 2023: recognises the portfolio company in which there has been a divestment and that stands out for its exit multiple.

Winner: Spinach Tours

  • Revelation Startup Award 2023: recognises the company that distinguished itself in the portfolio of each business unit in 2023.

Nominees: CellmAbs, Hoopers, kendir Studios, Oliófora, Watgrid

Winner: CellmAbs

  • PV Alumni Award: recognises a former startup from Portugal Ventures’ portfolio that is considered to be an example of good practice.

Nominees: ByFoods, Doppio, Eptune Engineering, Perceive3D, Spinach Tours

Winner: ByFoods

  • Entrepreneur Award 2023: recognises the CEO in Portugal Ventures’ portfolio who stood out in 2023 for their leadership.

Nominees: João Aroso, leadzai; José Ruivo, Noocity; Maria João Maia, Corium Biotech; Nuno Constantino, Wotels Hub; Nuno Prego Ramos, CellmAbs

Winner: Maria João Maia, Corium Biotech

  • Sustainability Award 2023: recognises the company in the portfolio that has contributed most to sustainability.

Nominees: miio, Noocity, PeekMed, Sciven, Wotels Hub

Winner: Noocity

  • Resilience Award 2023: recognises the portfolio company that distinguished itself in 2023 in overcoming various barriers.

Nominees: Ablute, Beamian, Didimo, LUGGit and Stemmaters

Winner: LUGGit

We also presented the Budding Entrepreneur Award, in partnership with our Ignition Partner, Territórios Criativos, inviting a group of students from the D. Dinis de Quarteira school grouping to present entrepreneurship projects, thus fostering innovation as a social driver. The founders voted for the best idea and presented the Budding Entrepreneur Award to the winning idea. All students who took part in developing the ideas were also presented with a prize for embracing the challenge of presenting their ideas to the founders in our portfolio.