Glintt Inov – Corporate Innovation in Digital Health

Glintt Inov was established in 2019 for the purpose of fostering innovation in the digital health ecosystem, thus contributing to the development of more accessible, resilient and interoperable systems.

It began as an in-house project, with the collaboration of our people, but quickly expanded beyond the company.

Since the company opened its doors we have implemented various acceleration programmes, some linked to the academic world and others to businesses, SMEs and startups. However, they all share a common goal: on the one hand, to “entice” all those who have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to add value to digital health, and on the other to help transform ideas into action, in other words, to create something tangible that in fact adds value and helps solve specific issues in the health sector.


Our role is so much more than just implementing these programmes; the people at Glintt also provide mentoring. A kind of “reality check”, because market know-how, customer knowledge and technological knowledge helps tackle the proposals and models at the root of the different projects. We also have specific know-how in accessing finance, which we share with the teams and companies we work with.

Many of these initiatives also enable us to share and retain knowledge, which we apply to the various projects in which we participate.

Today we lead a group of eight national and international consortia, which aim to develop the various components of the healthcare ecosystem, one that is connected and integrated, and that follows and monitors the health status of people and all those responsible for the evolution thereof, from professionals to caregivers, and the individuals themselves.

Some of the components we are developing enable the introduction of new concepts such as “home hospitalisation”, with the continuous and real-time monitoring of the main physical and biochemical parameters of people, or teleconsultation systems, which  ensure proximity to doctors.

We also have sensors and apps with augmented reality or virtual assistants that enable patients to be regularly monitored by their doctors, ensuring effective treatment adherence and promoting health education.

The practical nature of our programmes allows companies to check out several of these initiatives, which often ending up participating in them, thus enabling them to accelerate the development of their own products and contribute to the outcome of the projects we believe will transform the digital health ecosystem!

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