Tips for managing your social media strategy

Designing a social media strategy starts with setting goals, understanding your audience and deciding which social networks you should invest in. Then, when it comes to implementing the strategy, there are several aspects to consider – from staying true to your brand’s DNA to realising that not all platforms are the same and that the content you post may work on one social network, but not on another.

Here are five tips to help you in your daily social media management. 

1. Plan your posts

Creating a post planner can be very useful for day-to-day social media management. This will help the person responsible for design and content to plan their month and schedule posts are needed. Here are two planner templates:


2. Explore different content each month

Social media is in constant flux and new types of content and platforms are always emerging. Depending on your business, you may want to try Instagram Reels or create quizzes and polls. Besides getting to know your audience better, it’s also a way to keep creative and showcase your products in different ways.

3.  Try paid ads

Many businesses still see online advertising as being too expensive. However, this should be seen as an opportunity and not an expense, especially when using platforms such as Advertio, which only charges for results. Investing in online advertising is investing in the visibility of your business and attracting new potential customers.

4. Set realistic goals

Defining performance metrics will help you measure the success of your strategy. Having clear goals in mind is crucial to assessing results and understanding what works and what doesn’t. Start by setting more conservative goals, with metrics such as reach and engagement, and analyse results in the first few months. Then, as you achieve your goals, be more ambitious.  

5. Assess, improve, repeat

After setting your goals, make sure you assess them regularly. Over time, you may see patterns emerging that will help you understand what type of posts your audience reacts better to, what days work best, and what metrics to watch.

These are just some of the strategies you should follow to manage your social media content so you can connect with your audience and creatively increase the visibility of your business. 

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